About RTTech

Magnetic Resonance Wireless Power Charger by RTTech

Member of the Airfuel Alliance

RTTech specializes in the design and manufacture
of the following products for PTU and PRU:
3W, 6.5W, 10W, 16W, 25W, 33W

RTTech, with its own multiple ODM solutions, provides customers
with products or modules for battery-powered devices
such as mobile, healthcare device and home appliance
in which wireless power technology is needed.

Company name RTTech
Established May 6th, 2015
Registration of R&D center
with KOITA
June 15th, 2015
Join as full membership of
AirFuel Alliance
August 10th, 2015
Join as membership of
KOREA Radio Promotion Association
March 23th, 2016
Join as membership of
KOREA Wireless Power Promotion Forum
March 30th, 2016
Registration of KOREA Venture Entrepreneurship
with SBC
May 17th, 2016
Join as small business membership of
WPC( Wireless Power Consortium )
September 1st, 2016
CEO Ki Chul Kim
Major Business
  • Wireless charging device by using either magnetic resonance
    or magnetic inductive technology
  • Bluetooth Audio device.
  • Fixed and wireless communication device
  • Wearable device
Entity location #705, E&C Venture Dream Tower 5-cha, 53, 31ro, Digital-ro,
Guro-gu, Seoul, 08375, KOREA