May Company was established.
Jun Registration of R&D center with KOITA
Aug Full membership was approved.
( AirFuel Alliance, the A4WP/PMA merged organization )
Q4 3W PTU and its corresponding PRU modules to be embedded within a wearable system have been recently exported to the U.S. market
Jan Participation in CES 2016 Las Vegas
( Exhibition & Promotion of RTTech products @AirFuel Alliance booth )
Wireless Power Charging License Agreement with Qualcomm
Wireless Power Charging Software License Agreement with Qualcomm
Mar RAPA Membership was approved.
( KOREA Radio Promotion Association )
KWPF Membership was approved.
( KOREA Wireless Power Transfer Forum )
Apr Selected in Apr 2016 as one of the companies that are entitled to get
a subsidy from MSIP (Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning) because of
the excellence in its technology
May Selected as one of the 3 best excellent companies among the participant
companies which took part in WIS 2016
Registration of KOREA Venture Entrepreneurship with SBC
Sep Small Business membership was approved.
( Wireless Power Consortium, Qi )
Q4 10W PTU and 6.5W PRU to be available in the market
33W PTU and 25 PRU to be available in the market